NameError: name 'timm' is not defined

I ran into the following error when I tried to use the new timm integration functionality. The problem was that I had installed timm after importing To fix this, I just needed to restart my notebook so the import was done again.

Here was the code I ran:

learn = vision_learner(dls, 'ghostnet_050', pretrained=False, metrics=accuracy, opt_func=Adam, wd=1e-5)

and here was the stack trace:

NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
/tmp/ipykernel_38235/ in <module>
----> 1 learn = vision_learner(dls, 'ghostnet_050', pretrained=False, metrics=accuracy, opt_func=Adam, wd=1e-5)

/data/fastai/vision/ in vision_learner(dls, arch, normalize, n_out, pretrained, loss_func, opt_func, lr, splitter, cbs, metrics, path, model_dir, wd, wd_bn_bias, train_bn, moms, **kwargs)
    202     meta = model_meta.get(arch, _default_meta)
    203     if normalize: _add_norm(dls, meta, pretrained)
--> 204     if isinstance(arch, str): model = create_timm_model(arch, n_out, default_split, pretrained, **kwargs)
    205     else: model = create_vision_model(arch, n_out, pretrained=pretrained, **kwargs)

/data/fastai/vision/ in create_timm_model(arch, n_out, cut, pretrained, n_in, init, custom_head, concat_pool, **kwargs)
    178                      concat_pool=True, **kwargs):
    179     "Create custom architecture using `arch`, `n_in` and `n_out` from the `timm` library"
--> 180     body = TimmBody(arch, pretrained, None, n_in)
    181     nf = body.model.num_features
    182     return add_head(body, nf, n_out, init=init, head=custom_head, concat_pool=concat_pool, pool=body.needs_pool, **kwargs)

/data/fastai/vision/ in __init__(self, arch, pretrained, cut, n_in)
    167     def __init__(self, arch:str, pretrained:bool=True, cut=None, n_in:int=3):
    168         super().__init__()
--> 169         model = timm.create_model(arch, pretrained=pretrained, num_classes=0, in_chans=n_in)
    170         self.needs_pool = model.default_cfg.get('pool_size', None)
    171         self.model = model if cut is None else cut_model(model, cut)

NameError: name 'timm' is not defined

Yup there’s not much we can do about that - timm has to be installed before you use your notebook.


Mostly just wanted to put it out there so if anybody is searching for that error, they can maybe find this and use it to fix their issue :slight_smile:


Hi Jeremy I encountered the same problem, the question I have is that I can not run learn = vision_learner(dls, 'ghostnet_050', pretrained=False, metrics=accuracy just as Kevin described since I didn’t install time before I use my notebook, but I can run timm.list_models('convnext*') in this case (installed after starting notebook), why is that?


if you import it before import fastai like the following, it works for me

import timm
from import *


Yes faced the same error. Importing timm library before fastai libraries worked for me.


I pip installed timm and it worked for me.

Same for me.

Then, I restarted the kernel and imported everything back again.

Worked like a charm.

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Thank you for this post! I had tried every configuration for installing timm EXCEPT putting it at the top of the install/import list. The frustration was unspeakable. This made everything run beautifully. YOU ROCK!


I just ran into this error and found the solution here. So thanks for sharing, Kevin! :+1:


!pip install timm

I find that vice versa timm also includes fastai

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Appreciate this!


Most likely, you will only need to restart the kernel and run all the above again (assuming you have already installed timm using !pip install timm).

I used !pip install timm in Colab but I am still facing the same issue. Can anyone please suggest a solution to this ?

Make sure that after you connect to the runtime in colab, you first install timm and then import fastai:

If I import fastai before pip installing timm, I get the timm is not defined error as you have when creating the Learner.

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Oh now it’s working !! Thank you for your help

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Thank you! This worked for me!
For me the problem was that the train.ipynb notebook downloaded from the HuggingFace repository for lesson 3 has the order of imports for timm and inverted. Putting timm on top fixes the error.