NameError: name 'ModelData' is not defined

Hi guys!

Quite stumped with this.

Trying to work with

I’ve been trying to get the working,
There were a couple of issues, I guess most of the imports have been moved to, and subsequently, from fastai import io is no longer present.

I am actually confused by the behaviour of this code snippet which calls ModelData, seemingly ModelData is not defined.
This is defined in torch_loader

class TorchModelData(ModelData):
def init(self, path, trn_dl, val_dl, aug_dl=None):
super().init(path, trn_dl, val_dl)
self.aug_dl = aug_dl

Its implemented as

data = TorchModelData(data_path, train_loader, val_loader, aug_loader)

I’m assuming this is creating a Data Loader, how can I go about working with this?

I looked through the documentation, and several posts but didn’t come across any references.

Any help would be appreciated,
Thank you!