Name "open_mask" and "open_image" is not defined

I am working on some topic related to segmentation and thus trying to open the image with the above two options . But, I am unable to do so. According to me importing or should allow me to use above two functions. Am I missing something or it has to do something with the new update.

Depending which version of fastai you are using, you may want OpenMask rather than open_mask. I am using fastai 2.2.7

Otherwise possibly PILMask.create will give you what you want. I’m not seeing open_mask anywhere. Can you share where that is coming from?

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As @KevinB mentioned, those are the correct functions. You’re referencing functions from fastai version 1, whereas now we are in version 2


Thanks for the responses. Actually, I was using fast version 2 but the document that I was referring to was for version1 (as mentioned by @muellerzr). I just wanted to know if there’s some similar document for version 2, if it’s there please do share.