Naive question about typing variables

fastai V1 is the 1st library I use that has extensive use of typed variables in function headers.
What are the benefits of doing so?
I must say that loosing the elegance of python syntax is sad. Mostly when you are just doing some shit+tab to get info o f a function, now it is unreadable. Maybe not unreadable, but you completely loose the ability to quickly glimpse how to call the function.
A good upgrade, would be that, the first shift+tab would show conda variable names (as before) and the second shift tab would load the full ref.
I know is not fastai, but it is so ugly =(.

I actually feel the opposite. If you don’t know the types, then you can’t call the function. Furthermore, all fastai types in the docs are hyperlinked to their documentation. I think you’ll find after you use it for a while you’ll be glad it exists!

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probably you are right, I just find so hard to read.