#na# in dls.classes["title"] in Collaborative filtering

I noticed that the first element of the dls.classes[“title”] is an “#na#”. Same for dls.classes[“user”].

Can someone explain where the #na# comes from? I do not see any missing values in the ratings Dataframe for either of the 2 columns (“user” and “title”).

In the notebook, only one batch is printed for reference but the #na# may be present in some row in the full dataset. Did you try searching the whole dataframe?

Yes, I searched the whole ratings dataframe for missing values and found none.

Also, the length of the dls.classes[“title”] matches that of the embedding (movie_factors) which makes sense and gives me some assurance that each line of the dls.classes[“title”] corresponds to each line of the embedding matrix, however I do not know what it means to have an embedding for #na# (first line of the embedding matrix.

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This is something I am also confused about. Why are there #na# values at the list beginnings of dls.classes for ‘user’ and ‘title’? This question comes from the collab chapter, i.e., chapter 8.


Yes! Especially since I do not see any nas in the data itself. If anyone can help, we’re all ears!

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