myBinder deployment

I am trying to deploy a model of Pneumotorax classification into myBinder following the instructions in fastbook.
If I run this notebook locally using

voila Pneumotorax_deployment.ipynb

it runs without any issue. However when I tried the deploy it on myBinder it launches without problems but then I got error in the chunks:

I am aware that the fastai2 version is different (0.0.13 vs 0.0.14). Could it be related?
Also, I am trying to install the latest version from github but it also face the same error.

Hi Joan. I’m facing the same problem. Did you find out some solution?

Hi Carlos,

Turned out I missed some libraries. Check out this thread

Thank you Joan. Actually I was using a wrong import statement for the fastai lib. Checking only the notebook on binder (without using voila) is very helpful to detect this kind of errors.

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