My trained (98% accuracy) mode can't be reloaded ! Help!

From morning till afternoon, I was training a model (for image classification) and I achieved 98% accuracy on the validation set. These are the last cells that I ran. Now, that I wanted to show my dad (when he came back home) what I did, I get a “model_name” Not Defined Error.

Please don’t tell me that all my training has been to waste… Any future suggestion to retain model even after reopening notebook …

I’m really sad.

I see you’re training on Google colab, colab doesn’t have persistent storage, you have to either save the model directly to your mounted drive, or copy them manually to drive.

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I’m not using Colab sir.
This is native Jupyter nb on Google cloud platform
Also, I had saved my model using

Check your storage. Or pass the exact storage path to
If not try export. If you have not saved it then you have no choice but to retrain it :confused: