My first gold medal

(Asimo) #1

Hi Everyone,

I just won my first gold medal in the APTOS 2019 competition. I am experincing emotional overdose =) I just wanted to thank everyone in this community for having such a positive and encouraging attitude towards deep learning.

Two years ago I started from scratch, I did not know anything about deep learning and had very little experience with python. I was part of early days of fastai and regullary took all the courses and did all the reading that was recommended on the forums also in parallel I was applying newly acquired knowledge to practice by participating in Kaggle competitions.

Description of our solution is here (

). I used all the best practices from the fastai course. I will make a medium post at some point where I will write in details =)

Thank you very much everyone for making deep learning open, fun and easily accessible =)


special thanks to @jeremy


(Zachary Mueller) #2

Congratulations! Well done!!!

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(Aswath) #3

Please make a detailed post with multiple parts.

How did you start?

How did you overcame the initial mental barrier and started doing projects ?

How did you use fastai library to your advantage ?

How did you start kaggle competetions ?



Looking forward towards the blogpost!


(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #5

Fantastic! I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey too - please do tell us all about what you’ve been doing over the last 2 years. :slight_smile:


(Even Oldridge) #6

Congratulations, that’s amazing! Well done! Very much looking forward to your post.

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(Antonio de Perio) #7

Awesome work @DrHB! I learnt heaps through your posts on the competition forums, thanks for sharing all of your insights and congrats again on your result!

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(Harsh Thaker) #8

Awesome !! many congrats :smiley: I achieved my first silver medal in the same.

Thanks a lot to @jeremy and ! I first time used EfficientNets with fastai in this competition. Amazing experience :smiley:


(Hao) #9

Glad finally meet you in the forum.

And thank you very much for your effort! I got my first silver my following your reports.
Congrats again for your gold!


(Chris Stehlik) #10

That’s great. I did that competition as well, I was at lesson 4 of the MOOC, so not much background but I wanted to try it. I got about half way in the leaderboard, 1400 out of 2900.



Well done DrHB :trophy:. your story will inspire many others.
Cheers mrfabulous1 :smiley::smiley:


(Andrea de Luca) #12

Congrats, dude! :relaxed::clap::muscle: