Music data set for char RNN

Hi, In around lesson 5 we did char rnn to complete Nietzsche or something.
There is also Karpathy’s famous blogpost about it here.
I’m interested in applying it on music. does anyone knows about music data set in some kind of textual format? I currently done’t care if it’s audio, or music score-sheet.

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There are some libraries for MIDI audio you can use. Shouldn’t. E hard to convert midi into text and vice versa.

This is interesting, I had a similar shower thought this morning about whether and how these same DL techniques could be applied on audio clips. I don’t have a clear idea what I’d do with it, maybe analyze my music collection and see if I can figure out why it is I like the songs I like. Or see what the music would sound like if you trained the machine to create it.

But I’m still on lesson 1 so I’m getting ahead of myself. classical piano pieces (

Nottingham : over 1000 folk tunes (

MuseData: electronic library of classical music scores (

Bach 10:


I attended a Meetup in Stockholm (Sweden) this week about Creative AI.

Click “See All” for the program.

The second speaker, Tero Parviainen, focused on music AI and played/showed some nice demos.
Maybe you can get additional sources from his Twitter or blog.


Thanks! I’ll look into it

As an update, yesterday Spotify acquired an AI-for-music company in France.

Check their site, some blog posts may be of interest in your search.
Like “Music recommendation from audio (101)”


I wanted know that by using the datasets , can i classify music or song according to raagam , thaalam