Multitasking on a paperspace machine?

Is it possible to multitask on a paperspace machine?

Running a jupyter notebook monopolizes the terminal and I can’t do anything else on the machine.

Is there a way to create multiple terminals from which to access the machine?


Yes, all you have to do is ssh into the machine from the terminal on your computer. If you haven’t changed your credentials on the machine yet just open a terminal on your computer and type ssh paperspace@<your paperspace ip> then enter the password as you normally would when using the browser terminal.

I am using a windows machine.

How can I ssh to the paperspace machine from windows?


Just open a terminal, the commands should be the same (I haven’t used a windows machine in about 15 years but powershell and unix/linux are pretty similar). If you aren’t sure how to do that there’s a ton of detailed explanations all over the internet.

You may need PuTTY to connect from Windows. That’s what I use on my Windows machine at work.

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Yes you can either use tmux which @jeremy has covered at length (It’s basically a way to split the terminal screen and even leave it running in the background so that you can do multiple things at once…)

Second option is from within the Jupyter Notebook itself, you can do a New Terminal from Notebook and that would also give you an extra Terminal window (or as many as you want.)

Thank you all for your good suggestions, @msmedes, @Ralph, @sam_codes!

I installed Putty/Xming. The New Terminal from Notebook is also a good option. I will also look into tmux.

If you have git installed you can just use git bash sessions to ssh in as many times as you would like. Cleaner, for me, than Putty.

Thanks @larcat. I ended up installing cygwin and using ssh to access paperspace.
Set up with ssh keys so I don’t have to login each time.