Msgpack-python and spacy error

I upgraded my env and were offered to upgrade msgpack-python with a minor version pump, 0.5.5 actually has a breaking change that messes up msgpack_numpy that in turn spacy requires.

msgpack-python: 0.5.1-py36h6bb024c_0 --> 0.5.5-py36h6bb024c_0

I got the following error from running lesson 4 notebooks

AttributeError: module 'msgpack._unpacker' has no attribute 'unpack'

Then, I manually downgrade msgpack-python package by running this

conda install msgpack-python=0.5.1
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Relevant bug:

I use pip install msgpack-python==0.5.1 instead, conda doesn’t work for me.
Window 10, Python 3.6.4