Moving fastai folder

To prepare for the upcoming fastai v1 release, which is a from-scratch rewrite, I’ve moved the old fastai/ folder to old/fastai/. I’ve also updated the symlinks in all course folders. So everything should continue to work fine, if you’re using the conda environment and symlink approach recommended for the course. You won’t be able to use the pip version of fastai in the future, since that will be updated to v1, which isn’t compatible with the course - unless you pin your pip installed version to <1.

Let me know if this change creates any new issues.

Thank you for the update. I’m curious whether it would be easier to have a separate repository for the courses and the new fastai library. Also, is fastai_pytorch no more?

fastai_pytorch has been renamed fastai_old and will stay for the history of development. We wanted to keep the current repo for the main fastai library to keep the stars, the name…

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You can use

pip install git+

I am confused, as I recall reading in several places that you should always use conda install instead of pip install.

Can someone please explain whether I should use conda or pip to update the fastai libraries also why the one is preferred over the other?

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