Movidius Compute Stick

Got a new toy to play with. Who here has one? What did you think?

Finally got it working in an ubuntu vm.

Found this helpful. Might try it on a pi this weekend.

These are interesting little devices.

We gave out a couple of these to Perth Machine Learning Group members to see what they can do.

Result are still coming in but one of the observations is follow the instructions closely, as some people found they had a lot of issues if they were running with Conda as opposed to a Pip install of python. Actually it seems that you don’t need python at all and can just run it from C. The main requirement being a compiled version of openCV.

Will be interesting to hear how you get on with it.


It took a couple of tries to get everything working. I ran into the conda problem first. I eventually got it running in a fresh ubuntu 16.04 vm in VMWare Fusion running on my Mac. Another gotcha was that one of my USB ports do not work and one does. Guess which one I was using at first?

I was able to run all the examples and it is pretty nifty. The article I linked above was really good, and I just founf the second part.

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