Mojo and Modular

New language (and more) from Chris Lattner and team.

  • Write everything in one language: Mojo combines the parts of Python that researchers love with the systems programming features that require the use of C, C++ and CUDA. Mojo is built on top of next-generation compiler technologies that unlock significant performance gains when you add types to your programs, enables you to define zero-cost abstractions, benefit from Rust-like memory safety, and that powers unique autotuning and compile-time metaprogramming capabilities.

Modular/Mojo Product Launch 2023 Keynote

Jeremy’s Mojo Demo


Also on Youtube:


Jeremy’s blog post. This is a good read. - Mojo may be the biggest programming language advance in decades

Something I’ve sent a few people to who inevitably ask ‘why do we need another language etc’


Cool. Would/will be fun to start testing out and learning it.

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I signed up and got access to the preview, pretty fun to be able to read and run the docs as a notebook!

List is here: Modular: Get started today


I’ve just learned about this great idea. I mean, it was so sad that S4TF didn’t work out. I really liked using a performant, type-safe language like Swift for ML/AI development. But it seems like now there is a second chance! I wonder if we see fastai as one of the first big projects ported to mojo :slight_smile:

Reading the docs, I like how nicely it exposes “low-level” concepts like copying/cloning semantics, borrow checker (!) and other MLIR features. Big news, indeed.

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I’m trying to figure out how Mojo will change things for practitioners, which is why I’m trying to follow Jeremy’s approach in part 2, but, with Mojo in this nbdev documentation website:

At the moment I can’t really say that I know what I’m doing :joy: but I hope to put it on at some point.


Chris was at TWIML AI Podcast talking about Mojo:


As well, a nice resource about Mojo that evolves almost on a daily basis is :


Mojo :fire: available for local download.

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Nice! And it’s also available for Mac as of today.

But the burning question everyone’s surely wondering…

How do i write a fire emoji on mac?

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:fire: I figured it out!

(ctrl cmd space pulls up an emoji menu)

Hope they implement python class support soon.

I also wonder whether the future of the fastai course will be in Mojo. Wouldn’t that be cool? And if so maybe that would mean support for fastai on macs further down the line.


Hi everyone,

I’ve been wanting to learn Mojo and finally have some time. I looked at their website and saw their max-engine, which seems to have the most important features for AI, isn’t free to commercial use.

I’m wondering, what does the AI community think about Mojo these days? Is it still considered a good choice for AI development?

What Does Everyone Think of Mojo Now?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!