Mojo and Modular

New language (and more) from Chris Lattner and team.

  • Write everything in one language: Mojo combines the parts of Python that researchers love with the systems programming features that require the use of C, C++ and CUDA. Mojo is built on top of next-generation compiler technologies that unlock significant performance gains when you add types to your programs, enables you to define zero-cost abstractions, benefit from Rust-like memory safety, and that powers unique autotuning and compile-time metaprogramming capabilities.

Modular/Mojo Product Launch 2023 Keynote

Jeremy’s Mojo Demo


Also on Youtube:


Jeremy’s blog post. This is a good read. - Mojo may be the biggest programming language advance in decades

Something I’ve sent a few people to who inevitably ask ‘why do we need another language etc’


Cool. Would/will be fun to start testing out and learning it.

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I signed up and got access to the preview, pretty fun to be able to read and run the docs as a notebook!

List is here: Modular: Get started today


I’ve just learned about this great idea. I mean, it was so sad that S4TF didn’t work out. I really liked using a performant, type-safe language like Swift for ML/AI development. But it seems like now there is a second chance! I wonder if we see fastai as one of the first big projects ported to mojo :slight_smile:

Reading the docs, I like how nicely it exposes “low-level” concepts like copying/cloning semantics, borrow checker (!) and other MLIR features. Big news, indeed.

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