Modifying few years old PC for deep learning


I have a PC which I would like to optimize for DL and I am wondering what GPU makes the most sense for my specs. I would like to avoid spending too much for GPU and later realize that it cannot be fully utilized.

Here is the list:

What GPU should I buy to fully utilize this hardware for DL? Does it make sense to buy 1080 Ti for this? What is the bottleneck component in this configuration?


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Hi @igor1
Can you make a pc part picker list and share it? It’s easier to review that way as well.

I think a 1080Ti would be great for this build, I don’t suspect there would be much bottlenecks here.

Hi @init_27,

Here is the link: to the machine.

Question: RTC 2070ti gtx 1080ti?



I didn’t get you.]

If you can afford it-definitely aim for the 2080Ti otherwise a 1080Ti would be great too.

What are your use-cases?
Do you really need the 11gb mem? If not, then the RTX cards are pretty great too!


Sorry i meant RTX 2070 or 1080Ti. 2080ti is too expensive.

I have been out for a year and i need a refresher… before it was mostly cnn with images, and I often found myself needing to decrease the batch size to fit on gpu (cloud).

the project i plan on working now its with 3d camera.


Really want to try this new technology but stuck with some projects. Will try it in march.

For images-you’d definitely want more memory.
I think a 1080Ti would be a good idea.

Although many have argued that 2x2060 would be great too!

The Devil’s Canyon chip is still quite strong, outpacing most CPU’s in single-thread performance except for the newest i7’s/i9’s, and doing competently overall. I would think the GPU is limited only by your budget. 1080ti’s are tough to come by though. The few new ones left are generally over $1000, and you take your chances with used ones (anyone can say they weren’t used for crypto mining, but were they?)

I can vouch for the 2x 2060, as that is my setup :slight_smile: Top card runs a bit hot but we’re working on that. Here’s a link to Eric’s article that shows the 2060 in FP16 mode beating the 1080ti on CIFAR. Of course, the 1080ti will be faster in other cases, and there may be some DL situations for which you must do FP32 or even FP64, but for now I’m enjoying what I’ve got, for a very reasonable price.