ModelData in fastai v1.0

Hello! I have a code build using fastai v0.7 (the symbolic link is towards fastai/old/fastai). The main lines of code related to fastai are these:

from fastai.learner import *
data = ModelData(PATH, trn_dl = train_loader, val_dl = validation_loader)
learn = Learner.from_model_data(SimpleNet(n_variables), data, crit=rmse_loss)
learn.opt_fn = optim.Adam, 1, cycle_len=100, use_clr_beta = (20,10,0.95,0.85), wds=wd, use_wd_sched=True)

where train_loader and validation_loader correspond to some numbers (they are not images, or text, just numbers; for example given (1,2,3) it has to predict 7, this is the kind of data). This doesn’t work in fastai v1.0 and I am not sure how can I modify it. Can someone help me? Thank you!

I’d recommend looking at the ADULTs notebook where it shows an example using tabular data here as well as the lesson 4 from the third edition of the course. There were many changes in regards to tabular when compared and that’s the best way to see what all has been updated and changed.

what is the workaround if one wants to use ModelData functionality in fastai V1?