Mising data in /storage/data

When I try to run the sample code in chapter 1 which is meant to assess movie reviews, the code attempts to pull data which doesn’t exist.
Checking the file location shows that there is no such file, but I have no idea why it would be missing or where to get it.
I was able to run all the previous sample codes.

Hi Ross, what platform are you using ? I am personally using Gradient and I can recommend it https://course.fast.ai/start_gradient
They have an environment all set up for Fastai already, you do not have to do anything.
Those are the versions used on the notebook I use :
fastai version : 2.0.11
torch version : 1.6.0

Hi Charles,
I am also using Gradient, when you created your pre-setup environment, did it look like Jeremys did on the video, i.e.

Or was the folder layout different without the “course-v4” folder and instead a folder called “fastbook”?