Minimum GPU requirements for offline training

I was wondering if I could use my own computer, a 2013 iMac instead of AWS for these projects. These are the specs:

Is the 1GB of GPU memory too little or are there tweaks I can make to get the notebooks to run on this system

Never mind - it looks like 2GB is the minimum :frowning:
Memory Error Issue

This GPU probably only supports a very old version of CUDA anyway, so it’s unlikely modern deep learning frameworks would run on it.

One option for adding a new GPU to your Mac is to use an eGPU, which is a GPU in an external enclosure that you connect to your Mac over Thunderbolt.

im running this on a laptop with just a CPU (i5@2.6GHz (4 logical processors) and 16GB RAM.)… it’s taking days to run a 10 epoch fit on lesson 1… so it depends on how patient you are :slight_smile: