Meetups about Deep Learning in Bay area

There are a lot of different events about Deep Learning happening in Bay area.

I propose to post links on upcoming events in this thread with a brief description of the event’s format or topic if you are familiar with it.

Today there will be second meetup from Bay Area Research in NLP and ML group. First one was nice; it was about Transformer model vs. classic LSTM RNN with in-depth explanation and examples. And today they will talk about question-answering systems. It’s not a beginner event, familiarity with RNNs required

It seems I wrote about meetup above too late – it was great and I suggest to subscribe to Bay Area Research in NLP group for next meetups they organize. Past meetup was about CoQA dataset from student of Christopher Manning – Siva Reddy. The dataset in some ways is similar to famous SQUAD v1 and 2 datasets. Here is short citation from CoQA site about its features:

The unique features of CoQA include

  1. the questions are conversational;
  2. the answers can be free-form text;
  3. each answer also comes with an evidence subsequence highlighted in the passage;
  4. the passages are collected from seven diverse domains.

I want to share my schedule for next few meetups I found on I want to go:

Nov. 1: SF Analytics + AI Meetup at the SF Innovation Hub at Salesforce Tower
I was on first meetup they organize – it was nice, not so impressive as NLP research’s one, but still – there was interesting talk about A/B testing of DL products in Uber, review AutoML from Google engineer, pipeline organization from Salesforce DL expert and few others. It was not-so-in-depth talks and was suitable for beginners (many people were from Salesforce, even not from ML/DL area and without area knowledge)
It seems too late for this meetup as well as there is only waitlist option available and I’m also in waitlist.

Nov. 7: AI in Conversational Commerce with LivePerson
I don’t know what Live Person is and never attend their meetups, but I’m interested in conversational area in DL. It seems spots are still available.

Nov. 8: ML pipeline on Kubeflow: How to go from rapid prototyping to production
We’re using Kubernetes in my company for all our projects, so I know how powerful it is. I’d like to know how people using it in production for DL/ML solutions. Never been on their meetups. There are places left.

Nov. 12: Experts Panel - Voice and Machine learning
I’m excited about Automatic Speech Recognition [ASR] and Text To Speech [TTS] areas and how it solved right now and where to dig and go further. Never been on their meetups as well. Places also available

All above meetups are free, there almost always some drinks, food and interesting conversations. And sometimes pretty good talks :wink:


Thanks a lot for sharing! Another good option - every Friday lunchtime at USF there’s a data science seminar, which is usually high quality:


Here a two meetups I found interesting and planning to go next week: - the paper they want to discuss really interesting, also I haven’t attend to meetups with this kind of format, when people discussing a paper. - DL and DevOps. If you interested in DL in production or reproducibility of your experiments - you need to think about version control, metrics and remote control of your machines. This meetup seems to be exactly about all those things.

Anything (I know, unlikely) happening this Wednesday or Thursday vis a vis DL/DS talks in the bay area? I’m here through Friday for the holiday and would love to go to a seminar, meetup, etc.



There is this meetup around LLMs and RAG on 30 April 2024. With talks by Łukasz Kaiser (Co-inventor, Transformers/Attention is All You Need co-author) & Jan Chorowski (Co-author with Y Bengio and G Hinton) followed by networking over pizzas.