Meet & Greet Thread: Introduce yourself

Hi Everyone!
Following the tradition from Part1v2 Fellowship, I’ve created this Intro thread. Please do share your DL journey here!

I’ll get the dice rolling:

I’m Sanyam Bhutani, My DL Dream is to help apply cutting edge tech to solve the major issues in my country: Help in agritech, improve agriculture and help solve the problems affecting the public in general (Chasing money is not my first priority :sweat_smile:)

I’m an active blogger (Many thanks to guidance and feedback from my mentors @radek, @Ekami, @ecdrid) on Medium. You can find most of my blog posts here
You can find me on twitter @bhutanisanyam1.

Also, I’m an undergrad pursuing B.Tech in CS.

Looking forward to the best 7 weeks of 2018 with everyone!

Best Regards,
Sanyam Bhutani


Hi Sanyam (and everyone else),

Thanks for starting this thread. I’m going to be an International Fellow for Part2v2 and looking forward very much to participating in the cutting edge learning / research.

My journey may be different from many others, I’m a seasoned software engineer who wants a new challenge after playing with various languages and stacks in the telecoms and desktop domains. I’m now studying what I can on machine learning and cloud computing. Still getting my head around the part1 content but have enjoyed it tremendously. I too hope to get into a position where I can work on projects that match my values: Sustainability, environmental, socially sound, education etc.

Sanyam - congratulations on speaking at AnacondaCon by the way! I saw your talk title come up in the agenda and I thought - “that sounds very familiar” :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Jonathan Mist


Congratulations Sanyam for becoming a speaker…(here’s the link to check it out and thanks for referring me as your Mentor …(that’s not even partly true, rather it’s the other way round)

But the truth is Everyone can only mentor themselves, mentoring others isn’t possible in today’s world until and unless you have sheer interest and willing to learn something…

Hello everyone,

I am from Kolkata, India currently pursuing Bachelors in Information Technology (B.Tech in I.T. 3rd year)(undergraduate student ). I first experimented with machine learning in late 2016. Since then I have done the CNN course by Stanford(CS-231N) , Machine Learning by Andrew NG(CS-229), (ML/DL ) and other online courses from Udacity, Udemy, Coursera etc. Going through Kaggle kernels and Medium posts is my daily job now…(a noob Kagglers though)…

In short , completely self taught from wonderful resources available online…

Currently attending the Open Data Science ( course taught by Yorko(Russian Professor but the course is in English for the 1st Time) to strengthen my ML understanding as well…(it’s worth solving the assignments weekly.)

(incase you are interested to join search for Yorko on GitHub and find the repository mlcourse_open)

Had been the part of International fellowship part1v2(PyTorch) and lucky enough to get in for the second time.

Thanks to ML course, I had secured a 3rd place in a Hackathon on

Looking forward to do some exciting projects in this course as well and learn a ton of things!

Thanks to Jeremy , Rachel , USF and all fellowmates

I am very much excited and looking forward to have a great course with you all.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter

Best Regards,

Aditya Soni.


Hey everyone!
Congrats @init_27 that’s awesome!! I’m happy for you, you should def let @jeremy know about this. I’m sure he’s interested by successful stories from students of his course :slight_smile: .

As for myself I entered the data science and deep learning space about a year and half ago. I was fortunate to be a part of part1v2 and I can’t wait for part2v2 to start :slight_smile: . Before getting into deep learning I was an Android developer and I left my job because Android dev wasn’t appealing for me anymore. Nowadays I focus on creating a library pretty similar to The goal being to replicate the good things from but in a documented, pythonic, modular way and without too much dependencies and also to implement some novel papers like SRPGAN that you can find here (Afaik I’m the only one who implemented it). The library is not yet released to the public and I still have to make the doc and few tests but during the course I’ll probably make an announcement :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I am an aspiring deep learning researcher, lucky enough to get selected for the second time. I want these seven weeks to start ASAP but never end. I like talking to like-minded people and read recent research papers. I have taken MOOCs like cs231n, cs229, cs224n, etc.
I am looking for people to do some projects!
Connect with me on Twitter



Hello, Everyone! I am Kshitiz Rimal and I am from Nepal. I am a deep learning developer and I am Intel AI Student Ambassador and City AI Ambassador as well. I am currently involved in Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID), a non profit initiative to solve community problems in Nepal using Artificial Intelligence.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Shin Kim. I’ve worked in the financial services industry in Silicon Valley for the last four years as an investment banker (2 years) and private equity investor (2 years). I do have an undergrad CS background but not extensive real-world developing experience and so I look forward to learning a lot from the course and from classmates! I’m interested in applying ML/DL to business processes in general and specifically in the finance domain. I believe that there are a lot of low-hanging fruit opportunities out there. Looking forward to meeting everyone in person! Here is my LinkedIn.



Great to see you guys here! I’m Xu Fei (pronounced Shu Fay). Thanks to Jeremy, Rachel and USF, I will be participating the p2 in person and I took part1 v2 as a MOOC. I have a MSc in neuroscience, and I’ve done a few ML courses on Coursera, Udacity and edX. Here is my LinkedIn. Currently I’m working for China Foundation Center, an NGO that aggregates annual reports from all Chinese foundations. I work with text and use NLP and ML to automate human tasks. I hope to build a bot that can reply data queries in natural language. I’d love to do some creative DL music projects on the side. Looking forward to learning from all of you!


+1 for having another fastai student that uses their cat as their profile pic :slight_smile:


Hello all!

I’ll be participating in-person after completing part 1 (v1 & v2) in mooc format. I trained in neurobiology and medicine but veered off the usual track of becoming a clinician after getting an mba and working in an emerging market’s telecom sector (long story!). I’ve also worked in product management, entrepreneurship, and corporate vc. No formal CS or engineering background but thanks to the internet and its abundance of world class teaching (like fastai!) and practice arenas like kaggle, I’ve been able to learn python and deep learning.

I’m interested in using deep learning to tackle problems in planetary health (defined by the Lancet as “the health of human civilization and the natural systems on which it depends”). More concretely, I’d love to work on vision tasks involving earth observation data (from satellites & drones), detecting changes in the environment, and ultimately predicting how that affects human health. Please let me know if you share these interests - maybe we can create something interesting and useful together!

Look forward to learning from and with everyone!


Hi Everyone,

I am excited to get started on Part2v2 as an international fellow. I took part1v2 as a mooc and can’t wait for the love version.

I am finishing my PhD in systems engineering and computer vision. In general, I am really looking forward to learning how to apply deep learning to old computer vision problems, more than just recognition or segmentation. In particular, I want to apply deep learning to fake news detection, particularly in facebook and tweets, mobile apps used commonly in developing countries. As a secondary interest, i also have an interest in deep learning for autism behavioural therapy purposes and for agriculture.

Though a tall order, all in all, I am excited to learn all I can.



Hi Everyone,
I’m Nachiket from Pune, India. I’ve took part1v2 as a mooc and I’m excited about part2v2. I’m interested in Computer Vision and aspiring to be future AI researcher. I’ve completed few courses like Udacity AI nanodegree, cs231, Andrew Ng’s courses. I’m excited to apply the knowledge to real life problems.
Here’s my LinkedIn.

Garrett here, currently hailing from Seoul, South Korea. I’m really enjoying Deep Learning and imagining all of its applications. I’ve worked in medical IT and education. Solving big problems is of course a big pull for me, and I’m also interested in the many novel applications in my hobbies and personal life.

Looking forward to learning with you all!

Andrew Yip here hailing from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I’m a renewable energy researcher during the day and love playing with data in the evenings. Currently, I’m focusing on problems concerning legal texts in the region and look forward to working with you all.

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Hi everyone!

Julian here and I’ll be attending in-person after completing Part 1v2 as the mooc. During the day I work at a small startup making an IoT product to bring art into people’s home and during the night I’ve been studying ML. I’m hoping to leverage the learnings from this course to help improve our customers’ experience (collab filtering, generative art) and to help my partner’s research in dementia. He’s studying Alzheimers and has a ton of data that he’s working to clean up using DL and to then analyze (image segmentation and classification), I’m hoping to be able to use it as a (potentially intimidating) first real-world project. I studied bioinformatics in school and am excited to poke my head into that space again. I’m also interested in NLP for speech recognition and context detection, but I think I’ll have my hands full with the other previously mentioned topics, at least for a little while!

I’ve only just completed part1v2 a few weeks ago and have been redoing the assignments and listening to the lectures again, but I imagine keeping up with part2v2 is going to be a ton of work. Previous to this I completed Andrew Ng’s machine learning Coursera and am comfortable with general Python so hopefully that’ll help as I continue to work through pytorch.

You can find me on Twitter @JulianRamirez and on LinkedIn. If anyone has any overlapping interests or if I can help anyone out I’d love to talk sometime!

Excited to learn with everyone!


I’m Bart Fish, just a nerd from Dallas that has been a software/hardware engineer for a very long time. Over the years I’ve worked on every type of project you could imagine, from vending machines to Telemedicine systems. My last project was using Linear regression to figure out blood sugars from anayte data from implanted glucose sensors, (An iPhone app), (say that three times fast). I’ve taken both parts 1 and love not only the course, but the way the material is presented. I can watch maybe five minutes of video and take ten pages of notes.
I’ll being taking the part two course live for the first week and online for the next few and maybe come back for some more live courses, so I hope to meet some of you in person. If you’re taking the course in the DFW area, please reach out to me.

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@julian very cool startup. I am started thinking about ordering one…
Are you guys already using GAN’s for “perpetual impressionism”? :wink:

Thank you @tensoralex!

We don’t have any GAN art (yet) but we do have some fun fractal videos (they don’t animate on the site yet, sorry!). It’s fun seeing the growth of the style transferring GANs and I’m excited to see how we can augment peoples’ creativity with them. We’re definitely only scratching the surface with them so far, like with so much of ML :slight_smile:


My name is Caleb. My background is mostly in investment banking and private equity investing, but I also ran a vocational school for five years. Over the last couple of years I’ve dived in to learning how to code and how to use the tools of machine learning to solve business problems. I’ve taken part one of the deep learning MOOC, the specialization on Coursera and the first term of the Udacity AI nano-degree.

Last year I worked for a large third party claims administrator and built a few applications powered by machine learning models to help adjusters identify potentially high cost auto claims for one of the large ride share companies. Currently I lead new product development at Clara analytics, a start up down in Santa Clara building easy to use AI-enabled applications for the insurance industry.

I love learning new tools and using them to create value so I’m really looking forward to this course and to getting a chance to work on some cool projects with other enthusiastic folks.

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My name is Sukjae Cho. I’m a software engineer who worked mostly on embedded systems. My day job doesn’t use ML/DL, but I’m hooked into DL and decided to take this course in person.
As a pet project, I’m working on fashion search engine (I’m far far away from being fashionable, but my wife really wanted this app :wink: )
Hope I can apply new learning from this class to my engine, but also want to find new project/opportunity that uses DL

Here is my LinkedIn

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