Mathematical Notation Basics

If you do not come from a formal mathematics or science background, mathematical notation can feel like reading a foreign language. Thankfully we can get started through fastai without having to unpack formula, but as you dig deeper and read papers you will encounter them, and it is much more fun when you can decipher them.

I found this little 3 minute video a handy starting point.

What other resources have you found useful? Let’s list them here for others to find.


I think even in papers they are some inconsistencies in notations. (Maybe not)
Fast AI community could do an open source project and do all famous DL papers with APL language. (Not implementing the papers just writing mathematic parts with APL).
I am not sure my idea is a good idea.

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Summation and Product Notation

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I ran across this on Twitter which looks pretty cool! Would be even cooler if it could do this in reverse!


Sounds like a great idea to me!

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I think you can with this library!


Anki Study Deck for Greek Letters.

Greek Letters for Deep Learning (fastai)

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