Masters in Deep Learning important?

I wanted to ask you guys. From my experience, getting into top notch AI companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc, Masters degree in DL is very very important. They are not even willing to consider your resume without that.
So my question is, Is a Masters really that important for a job in DL? Has anyone here had a similar experience?

I doubt you will even find a Masters program specifically on Deep Learning. Even a Masters program in Machine Learning is not typical, rather you would have a Masters in Applied Mathematics or Computer Science, with an emphasis on Machine Learning topics.

A Masters degree is something that will open doors, but it is neither necessary nor sufficient to get into a top company. If you don’t have a degree, you will need to have remarkable achievements elsewhere (published articles, source code contributions, etc) in order to be considered. Once you make it into the interviews, all that matters is your performance in the interviews.