Managing v1 notebook-specific discussions?

What would be the best way for us to setup forum threads, so perhaps there is a topic for each notebook - where questions specific to a given notebook can be asked?

Do you think it’d be a good idea? e.g.:

Topic: 001a_nn_basics.ipynb discussion
Topic: 001b_fit.ipynb discussion
Topic: 002b_augment_training.ipynb discussion

or perhaps grouping it?

Topic: 001* notebook discussion
Topic: 002* notebook discussion

and should those be placed under fastai-dev sub-forum, or do we need a whole new category for that?

I’d like to ask some v1 nb-specific questions, so I’m just checking if we want some order around that, or whether to just let it unfold naturally? e.g. I asked one here - good/bad/rename/move?

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Separate topic per notebook sounds fine to me - although it’s fine if people create new topics for larger issues that pop up.

Also @stas it might be helpful if you have a chance you could edit the pinned ‘about’ thread to add a list of links to notebook-specific discussions, as they’re created. I’d like that thread to become a useful quick entry point for people to find all the key topics and information they need.

Just to double check that we are on the same page, @jeremy, you meant to pin the threads to this post, correct?

which I have done. If you meant some other place please let me know.

Should I go ahead and create a placeholder thread for each of the already existing notebooks, or just let them unfold as they come? and then the about post can be updated.

Yup exactly. I’ve added a bit of prose and link text to your links FYI.

The latter.

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