Maintenance of nbdev

Hi, i recently wanted to put a small fix in nbdev so I opened an issue just to discuss with anyone who maintains it. I’ve even mentioned this in discord in a bunch of chats, but given the number of issues that don’t have any comments on it, it seems like there aren’t enough maintainers for this project.

Looking at the existing commits, it seems like it’s primarily @jeremy, @sgugger, @hamelsmu and @muellerzr. Question for current maintainers - does it make sense to call out to more people from this fantastic community to maintain it? Judging by the 3.2k stars on the project (kudos!), it should be possible?

Yup I’m already working on it Vineet. Sorry not to have replied on GitHub. I did reply on Discord though so that you’d know I didn’t miss it.

The key issue is that we’re pretty focused on nbdev v2 at the moment so fixes to v1 aren’t getting as much attention. But feel free to at-mention me in any PRs or issues to make sure I don’t miss anything.

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Hi, thanks for your quick reply! Didn’t realize there’s a v2 in the works. When you say you’re already working on it - do you mean a fix (because I’m more than happy to submit PR) or to get maintainers?

Side note: Sorry for missing your reply on discord - I actually still cannot find it.

I was trying to find the time today to make the fix myself, but I didn’t get around to it. So a PR would be welcome. The approach you showed in the issue looks good. One thing to note - don’t use [] as a default param in python: Common Gotchas — The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python . In this case probably fine to just use () as the default param instead.

If you do a PR, please at-mention me, since that way I get notified.