Madrid, Spain Study Group

The plans for an in-person study group that we (@Andreas_Daiminger and I) are involved in setting up here in Madrid are going well. We have nearly 50 people signed up and various organisations hosting the meetings across the seven weeks. The resources people have made available here on how to run the groups are a great help.

Is it OK to share the video links with the attendees after the group viewing so that they can study the videos in-depth? We have a Slack channel for public discussions but I am thinking that it would be helpful for the students if we could share the video links privately by e-mail.


@jeremy sorry to bother you. But we really need you to shed some light on this.
Our Madrid study group consists of 50 members and as @AlisonDavey said we were supposed to do in-person events. Obviously because of convid2019 this is a really bad idea right now.

We would like to know if it would be ok to share the links to the videos and do the whole thing remotely. @AlisonDavey and I would take care of the organisation. We also fully understand if this is not possible because contradicts the original idea.

Thank you

We found an answer from Jeremy:

Please don’t share the video links at all. But if you wish to re-stream to a study group that you are carefully managing, and where people have to sign up for access (so not just anyone can connect any time), then you may do so.

See the complete post here


@Andreas_Daiminger how are you guys going to re-stream the classes? I was wondering what’s the easiest way to create a study room that requires sign up for access and allows re-streaming. My plan is to create a virtual study group in Brazil

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Our plan is simply to restream the video of each class by sharing the screen in a Zoom meeting. We have the e-mails of all the people who signed up for the in-person study group and a dedicated Slack channel (in the Slack workspace that was set up last year for people in Spain following the fastai courses). People signed up via a Google form that was shared on social media, including LinkedIn. We are sticking to the timetable that was set up for the in-person weekly meetings although now everything will be online only.