macOS (target Mac must have been introduced in 2010 or later) – macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 onwards

Unfortunately, although my hardware is mid 2012 my OS is Mojave with no way to upgrade further to any 11.x.x OS therefore I cannot install Dyalog 18.2. My question is what stops the release/builds for this level of operating systems being I believe compiled from C code. Restricting the platforms APL can run on in my opinion is counter productive.

We need to support currently supported hardware and software, and we require certain 3rd party software (for example CEF and .NET; both require Catalina) which is not available for earlier version of macOS and Apple hardware. Our policy is to support all versions of Dyalog APL for 3 years. You can obtain version 18.0 by contacting

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Would that be the case when release 19 incorporates M1 platform

I’m not sure when we’ll have native M1 support. While we are working on it, there’s still a lot to be done.