Machine learning in colab

I am literally breaking my head. Unable to setup my environment in colab with older version. Every time i learned a new thing it throws me an error.

Did you look at the doc on how to use it for colab? I have used it for fastai v1 and v2 in colab, and no problem so far( I had, but they can be solved.)

yes i did, tell me what you did.

For the coursev3 lesson notebook. Here is an example:

Lesson 3 Planet notebook:
For the fastai v2, if you can find my repo. You will see a repo called fastbook_colab next to or below the “Coloring-Anime-image-and other-Deep-Projects”. You will see some examples on how to run it in fastaiv2.

my friend i am talking about machine learning for coders, which is a separate course by jeremy, which uses older version of fastai library

Hii, is there a new version of ML for coders course coming up?