LSUN'17 Segmentation Tasks

Just got announcement : “LSUN’17 Segmentation Tasks”. There are two main tasks (semantic segmentation and instance segmentation) in it. I think we could apply what we have learnt in lesson13 & 14 and have practice in this Segmentation Tasks.
@jeremy, @brendan @yashkatariya
How about your thoughts? :slight_smile:

That does sound fun! And yes you could certainly start with 100 layer tiramisu as a strong first step here. Let us know how you go…

@amiltonwong I think this would be great and as jeremy said fun. If you want we can collaborate on this.

Great! I’ll try 100 layer tiramisu first and record my progress here.
@yashkatariya, Sure, it’s so great that you can collaborate. Have you downloaded the vista dataset ? If not, I can share it with you.