LR finder plots thread - please post yours

Getting a sense of LR finder plots might be useful for detecting bugs, and for detecting the novelty of a dataset, architecture, or hyperparameter value. We can do that by looking at a bunch of them in their contexts.

If you right click a figure in a notebook and press “Copy Image”, you can paste it into a reply here (on Google Chrome at least).

dataset: Camera Model Identification
arch: resnet50

Before training the FC layers:

After training the FC layers, and unfreezing. No data aug yet:


The red lines represent the learning rates I chose. Let me know if you would have chosen differently.

plt.axvline(x=LR, color="red");

Inspired by Andrej Karpathy’s loss function blog.


Fun Idea. Here’s the lr_find from a very sparse language model that didn’t want to converge:


I’m guessing that to see the usual curve I’d need an even lower starting lr. In this case I just went with 5e-3 but the final model took too long to converge (20h/epoch on a 1080ti).

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