Lr_find from lesson-1

HI experts,

can anyone explain me how to best select learning rate here from the image attached.
Shouild I go ahead with a fixed lr of 3e-5
This is what I got from running 4 epochs on pets dataset from lesson-1 using resnet50 architecture.

PS: Although I know the model needs more epochs.


Also in this case as well



could you already figure it out? I have a similar problem. When I run the notebook from lesson 1, I get kind of strange plots after running the learning rate finder. I didn’t change the notebook from lesson 1.

Also when I run it again, I get similar results.

I use the following versions:
torch: 1.0.1.post2
fastai: 1.0.43

Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? Do I use the wrong versions or did I make another mistake?

Update: I think the plot is kind of bumpy, because the learning rate is quite good already within the whole range displayed by the plot. However, I still wonder why there is this difference between fastai v1.0.43 and v.1.0.42. I assume there was a change from 42 to 43, that affected lr_find in some way (but not sure)!?