Lr_find does nothing

EDIT: I forgot to upload the image. Spoiler, it showed no error executing lr_find() but also have no results.

I’m using lr_find() on my own dataset comprised of 18,000 observations over 4 features to get an estimate. Only one variable is categorical.

I’m using the same setup from lesson3-rossman. All the setup seems to work just fine up to running lr_find. At that point nothing happens. See the uploaded screenshot.

Running fit() similarly returns nothing.

I think I’ve done something incorrect in the setup but I’ve also checked and double checked this.

Does anyone have tips about how I should inspect the model to ensure it is set up correctly?

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Did you forget to upload the screenshot?

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Thanks for pointing that out. In the intervening time, I managed to lose the screenshot. I’ll update my post. I managed to figure out the solution though. I’ll put it in reply to my OP

So I managed to speak with a colleague who mentioned that the dependent variable had NULL values in it. Having not realized this, and after removing all the NaN values, the rest of the analysis worked perfectly.

Lesson: make sure that your dependent variable does not contain any null values.