Loss function error in Multitask text classification

Hi guys,
I’m writing a custom loss function to deal with a multitask text classification. In my problem, there are 44 classes and each sample can be classified as “1” or “0”. However, not all samples have a label on all classes. For instance, sample1 might have a “1” label on class1 and empty entries (I assigned a -1 to these entries) on all others. Therefore, my goal is to write a loss function that can ignore missing labels and focus only on the 1’s and 0’s. Here’s what I wrote so far:

def masked_BCE(inputs,targets):
    inputs = inputs.sigmoid()
    mask = targets >= 0.0
    inputs = inputs[mask]
    targets = targets[mask]
    return -torch.where(targets==1, inputs, 1-inputs).log().mean()

This function masks missing entries (-1 value) and calculate the loss only where there’s a 1 or 0 in the target vector. When I try it on the output of the model using:

output = learn.model(x)
masked_BCE(output[0], y)

TensorMultiCategory(0.7127, device='cuda:0', grad_fn=<AliasBackward>)

It runs just fine. However, when I try training the model I get this error:

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +=: 'TensorMultiCategory' and 'TensorText'

Anybody trying something similar? I couldn’t find out why this error is happening.

I modified the function to use the BCEWithLogits class from Pytorch and SURPRISE! The model is training now. But I have no idea why, since it’s basically the same thing:

def masked_BCEWithLogits(inputs,targets):
    criterion = BCEWithLogitsLossFlat()
    mask = targets >= 0.0
    inputs = inputs[mask]
    targets = targets[mask]
    return criterion(inputs, targets)
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Because you use a fastai loss function here. PyTorch 1.7 issues is the TL;DR. This was fixed in master and should be released in the next pip version

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