Looking for teammate(s) for a AutoGPT hackathon?

Hi ,
My name is bahman and looking for a teammate(s) for online ai agent hackathon.(based on AutoGPT)

Lablab.ai has an Auto-GPT hackathon. I attend and submitted one of their previous hackathon about stable diffusion got 4 place and learnt a lot.

If anyone is interested to join me , comment here so I can add you to the team.

My goals :
!- Learning (definitely)
2- Wining (hopefully)


Hi, I am Emmanuel.

Just seeing this post and I see that the hackathon is in progress.
What is the current status? and are you still in search for a teammate?

Unfortunately , I did not work on that hackathon. If you are interested we can work on AI agents together from scratch.

Sorry for the late reply, yes I am interested in that.

Sure It would be fun.
Please DM me your discord username.