Looking for suggestions for a journal club for radiology residents on AI and deep learning

Hello all

I was recently charged with hosting a journal club for radiology residents (under the American College of Radiology - see acr.org ) in the US around Artificial intelligence. I am a final year radiology resident and would like to try a new direction for the journal club. Instead of reviewing journal articles around AI and deep learning and criticizing them (as most of our participants are doctors with no technical know how) , i was hoping to adopt a different review including TEDtalks , podcasts , blog posts and speaker presentations.

I would love your help in identifying some good materials that i can use for these journal clubs , and if you would be interested in being a guest in one of the journal clubs (or if you know someone whom i should invite)

Thanks in advance for your consideration

@jeremy if you and / or rachel when she is feeling better would be interested i would really appreciate it. Its is likely that our first journal club in december 2017 will be based on your TEDTalk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4kyRyKyOpo&feature=youtu.be&t=789

Suggest you PM @davecg and @alexandrecc , who are both radiologists who have compelted the course.

I really like your idea. One other idea would be to organize for the group to take the fast.ai course together by watching the MOOC. Then there will be folks in the group who can help explain the papers etc.


Hi @Judywawira,

I am also a (Japanese board-certified) radiologist, currently working as a researcher in a cancer center in NYC. I have been learning ML/DL about a year from scratch myself mostly on MOOCs and materials on internet. I really like your idea and I really hope more radiologists could get familiar with ML and DL to augment our profession (not to replace us :wink:).
In my personal opinion, it’s much better to learn how to implement ML and/or DL in a “top down way” rather than just reading papers. I totally agree with @jeremy, and also each material introduced in this forum, especially in the wiki, is super awesome. I think both DL and ML courses @jeremy is providing are super useful for us radiologists (when they are open to public, for sure).
If there is anything I can help you, please let me know.
Happy deep learning :smile:

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