Looking for fellow Indian students doing fastai course

Anyone currently doing fastai or planning to do v4 after it is public? We can form a study group to stay motivated and go forward with the course.
(Online study group)


Hi, m looking forward for this offer. How can we contact.

you can contact me on twitter - or we ca just discuss here!

What’s ur I’d on twitter.

it is @jithendrabsy
And I think you can also PM me here in the forms!

I am interested, count me in.

cool, I’ll update you about the group if more people are willing to join! :raised_hands:

Me too! Been procrastinating for so long :slight_smile:

When is the v4 starting ? I just started the 2018 ML along with the v3 Part 1.

I am interested too. Count me in.
Twitter - @DrAmrit_pal

Count Me In! You might create a discord or telegram channel.

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I am in too… Count me…

Count me in please

v4 will be out in few weeks. So, I am currently waiting for it.

yep. Some where in August… but jeremy said there is no part two for that. so idk ill watch these and then jump on when those come.

part2 is not yet recorded, i think it’ll be out too. But yeah, it’s a personal choice. I am following zach’s walk with fastai 2 right now.

do you have any background with ml or just starting ? i had ML in my last semester but it was not well taught. then i did two weeks of andrew ng’s course on coursera, then fastai ml and v3 3 episodes each.

and because v4 will cover the ml parts, i am thinking of doing the v3 and possibly @muellerzr 's walk with fastai 2 currently and do a deep dive in v4

I do have a decent background in ML but i am still a learner.

I am currently following zach’s walk with fastai2 and also reading “Deep learning with Pytorch” book. I am actually more comfortable with pytorch and now trying to use fastai.

Hi there! I’m not in India but in Sri Lanka (close enough). Count me in. We should start a discord channel for this!

There is a fastbook reading group on MLT hosted by @init_27 .

Y’all can join the next session - here

Though it has already completed 15 chapters, it is still worth joining for resources and discussions. Also fastbook is based on v4 course. So reading this book is one of the best things to do until v4 is out.

I’ll let you know, if I am planning to start a study group separately once the course is out :slight_smile: Until then , you can join these sessions.