Local minima: learning rate?


After training the previous epoch, I now get this learning rate suggestion. However, it seems to be stuck in a local minima, with a better minimum on the left side. So, I’m not sure if I should take 8e-4 or 8e-7 as a next learning rate? How should I best reason about this?

You can try both and see! :slight_smile:

While it looks like a lower learning rate here would be better as it decreases the loss, also note that it leads to slower learning. So if your accuracy is bad, you might not want to have a too small learning rate, as that means you will walk down into a local optima in your loss function. While if your learning rate is higher, you could escape that “local minima” and possibly find a better one, or at least train faster.

But it’s hard to tell, try both and get a feeling for it. Ultimately it’s the minima of the accuracy that counts, not loss or lr_finder.