Loading Data into fastai

HI ,So i am trying to use fastai to predict various attributes present in an image and for that i have a csv file that looks something like this.How do i load this into fastai.Thanks for help in advance

FastAI deals with pandas datadrames “you can check pandas python library”
The way you can read your csv file and use it within FastAI is to first read it as a pandas dataframe. This can be done using the function:
import pandas as pd
You can read more about pandas.read_csv() from their documentation

Okay so i tried loading data using ImageClassifier_fromcsv but in my csv files i am already having labels in One Hot Encoded format .Now When i try to use this I get only two classes 0 and 1 instead of the various attributes that i should have got.The result that i am getting is this

whereas the way my csv ius formatted is this:

Thanks in advance for your help

fastai is using pandas.read_csv() to load .csv files. The latter tries to parse the file automatically, which mostly succeeds, but can fail, if you have a special format. A couple of things to try:

  • Check the exact details of your file. E.g. what separator are you using? For some reason fastai uses a fixed separator cat_separator=" ". If yours happens to use commas or so, then loading will fail or produce funny results. If you run into such a case, you can either a) rewrite your csv file to suit fastai’s preferences (using pandas) or b) overwrite part of the ImageClassifierData.from_csv() to pass more command line arguments, such as the separator.
  • Check the docstring of pd.read_csv(), which could give you more details on what parameters to set.