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Hi everyone,
I watched the recordings from the topic persistent storage and symlinks .
I installed fastcore and pushed the folder .local to storage directory and sym link(lln -s /storage/.local/)
when i again checked my (.local directory) i could find upgraded version of fastcore .
At timestamp 52:54 jermey checked for ls /storage/ -a
where he gets (.bash.local)

when i checked my paperspace storage directory i couldn’t find bash.local
Can someone help me with this please

It’ll only be there if you create it. You maybe well not need it.

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Hi there, do you know if there is any paperspace promo code to try paperspace pro?

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Thanks Jeremy. Unfortunately I’ve already signed up on my own. Any other way to try out pro?

Hi Jeremy,

Can I please humbly ask a quick question please:
When activating the tmp environment, how come we use ‘conda’ and not ‘mamba’, since we installed mamba and have been using it so far (up to this point)? Just trying to understand, please. Talking about this here:
conda activate tmp

You can try to put the referral code in the above URL ( lg6rnx ) in your paperspace billing tab’s “Promo Code” field, it’s worth a try.


When the symlink to a folder was created, shouldn’t we specify the destination symbolic link name at the end of this command? Or does it take the destination folder name as the symlink name?

ln -s /storage/.local

I think the default behaviour for this form is described in the GNU docs for ‘ln’ as follows:

  • If two file names are given, ln creates a link to the first file from the second.
  • If one target is given, ln creates a link to that file in the current directory.

Thanks, @mike.moloch for sharing that.

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I created a fork version of the fastbook in my git (GitHub - ssarawgi/fastbook: The fastai book, published as Jupyter Notebooks). When I create a notebook in Paperspace using this via the advanced options, I am somehow seeing mambaforge as the folder instead of the fastai python files.

Perhaps you have the issue mentioned at the top of this thread?:

Hi. I am new to Terminals (and most of this stuff).
How do I get Paperspace to upload the files from Ubuntu ? When I try to upload the .SSH files, I can only see my Windows10 file structure. In the video it looks like Jeremy is uploading the file from a separate Linux drive/folder ?

[Edit:] Whoops. Responding to Jeremy’s comment below (thx) it seems the text got lost trying to post during a power outage last night. This morning the post remained in edit and I hit send in a hurry while packing up for work.

@David.C, in Windows Explorer, does it show a Linux icon? This gives access to the SSH files on the linux file system to use for the JupiterLab upload.

Alternatively, the files contain text, so I often just use clipboard copy/paste to move keys around. You just need to ensure the permissions on the “id_rsa” file are 600. One way to ensure correct permissions is to first run ssh-keygen on Paperspace and then edit the files to copy/paste the keys from your local.

Alternative2, you can add multiple public keys to github (if that is what you are trying to access) so the new public key generated on Paperspace from ssh-keygen can be added to github to sit next to the public key from Windows. This is probably the “more correct” ssh keys were intended to be used, but has the overhead of in the future needing to manage/remember which keys come from where, so in practice many people just copy the same public-private keypair around.

btw, if you are new to SSH, this might interest you.

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Thanks @bencoman. Windows Explorer does not show a Linux icon as in the screenshot above or in the video. I was able to upload the files using the //wsl$ path and get everything working, but would be interested to understand why I am not seeing the Linux icon.

Thanks for the SSH video, that was very helpful.

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It might be that I’m on Windows 11 - being configured that way by default.
Searching just now I found an article describing how to add it , but I don’t remember needing to do that myself.

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Hello Everybody

I think, I messed up my file. The machine is not booting up.
Doubt is should I erase all the notebooks and start again?
Please help.

Create a new instance using the plain pytorch template. That doesn’t run Once it’s open, you can fix, rename, or delete

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