List of datasets available from URLs

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Just wondering if there is any documentation anywhere which describes what each of the datasets are which are available from the URLs command?

Doing a URLs. and then pressing command will show you all of the datasets available. But I am looking for some high level details of each one (i.e. the data source, what it contains etc).
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For example, what kind of data is in CARS? Something about cars, but not sure exactly what without manually exploring the data.

I have looked through the docs briefly, but couldn’t see where these datasets are defined.



Here are the docs for fastai v1 detailing the datasets:


Perfect. Thanks, mate. Much appreciated. I will put in a suggested PR to update the docs with this information too.

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Ah. I just found that these datasets are actually defined in fastai2.

For anyone else looking, please see below

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The documentation is available with a list of datasets defined :slight_smile:


For anyone looking in future, I could not reach, but I found the page I was looking for at External data | fastai