Link in github shield on blogpost is broken for fastpages

Hi, the links to notebooks on github are broken on my blog (link), and I’m unclear how to fix this. As per the instructions in the _config.yaml, my baseurl is empty, since i’m hosting it on a custom domain.

However, the link to github is now missing my repository name and looks like, where you can see the repo name is missing. I looked in the template post.html about how this is configured, which uses the variable notebook_github_link. However, this value seems to not be mentioned anywhere else and i’m not that experienced with Jekyll that I know where this variable is created.

Any help appreciated!

Solved it! I’ll leave this here for any future reference. The problem was that I commented the github_repo variable in the config file at some point, while trying to make the external website work. Uncommenting this fixed it!