Link for "Embeddings in Categorical Variables" paper

In the Fastbook chapter 9, it says :

In an online-only chapter on the book’s website we show how to replicate it from scratch and attain the same accuracy shown in the paper.

But when I click the link it takes me to the Fastai Course page. Can anyone link me to the actual implementation of the paper? I have reviewed the CNN video in the course where the paper is mentioned. But no Implementation was shown.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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Have the same question. Can anyone share in which notebook has the paper been implemented from scratch?

I haven’t gone through them yet but I think this and this notebook trains a model on the Rossmann competition data following that paper.

Thanks for your kind help @vbakshi.
I came across these notebooks a few hours ago, and they happen to be exactly what I was looking for. Also these work just fine (with slight modifications).

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