License for Fast.AI library

Hi @jeremy - I see that the code in fastai github is licensed under GPL. This makes it kind of hard to use for any application whose source code cannot be released. I think this will also make it harder for others to release their code under a license like Apache/BSD if it uses some part of fastai code.

I don’t know if you intended this library to be just a teaching tool, but I was hoping that this will be used more widely (somewhat like Keras for pytorch).


Yeah I expect we’ll change the license down the track a little. Frankly I don’t really want people using it for commercial purposes while it’s still so early in development! And I think it’s really important to share code changes at this early stage of development.

So GPL for now, but probably not for too long. Hope that sounds OK…


Sounds great! I love PyTorch and glad to see libraries built on top of Pytorch :slight_smile:

PS: Nice to see you back! Very happy to have some familiar faces in the course :slight_smile:

Thank you @jeremy and can’t wait for the course to begin :slight_smile: