Lesson3 where can i find the data_block.ipynb notebook?


I wanted to use my own dataset to apply the knowledge gathered in the first 3 lessons.
My data has a particular format, and i wanted to use the directions showed in the notebook named data_blocks.ipynb , that has a particular format (26:43 in the lesson 3 video course https://course.fast.ai/videos/?lesson=3), but i could’nt find this notebook.

Can someone help me finding it?

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There is a good overview on this at https://github.com/hiromis/notes/blob/master/Lesson3.md

I was working on a modified version of the planets notebook and found that you can call the pytorch data methods on the ‘data’ object created in that notebook.

Are you seeing errors when trying to load your file format or are you trying to call special methods once the data has been successfully loaded ? What is the format you are using ?

HI, @tutti_frutti! The notebook is here: https://github.com/fastai/fastai/blob/master/docs_src/data_block.ipynb.

Also, remember that the documentation from fastai comes from those notebooks. So, here’s the link to that particular part in the documentation: https://docs.fast.ai/data_block.html#The-data-block-API

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Thank you very much for your answers!
I used the documentation, and i found it extremely clear!!

These files no longer appear to be in that location. Anyone know where I can find them?

fastaiv1 have been shifted to the fastai1 repository, and v2 has been named fastai now. Check out the fastai1 repository. However, the course notebooks from v3 course are still available in the course-v3 repository.
Hope this helps