Lesson1.ipynb incomplete

The contents of lesson1.ipynb in my jupyter notebook appear to be incomplete. How can I get an updated or full version of this file? I attempted to ‘git pull’ and ‘conda env update’ in the fastai directory to try and get the original, but the file was not updated. I did overwrite, update, or even save the file so I do not understand why it came incomplete (IE code end at step below, ~26 min’s into the first video lecture):

preds = np.argmax(log_preds, axis=1)
prods = np.exp(log_preds[:,1])

Does it show an error of loading notebook ? You can try to update jupyter notebook

I do not see any errors in jupyter notebook. How do I update this? I’ve tried restarting the paperspace VM and going back into JN, is that what you mean?

Use pip install notebook --upgrade or conda upgrade notebook

Strangely this did not update my JN files. I attempted to run conda env update again and got a new error:

Installing collected packages: torchvision, pandas-summary, torchtext, PyHamcrest, lxml
Found existing installation: torchvision 0.2.0
Cannot remove entries from nonexistent file /home/paperspace/anaconda3/envs/fastai/lib/python3.6/site-packages/easy-install.pth

CondaValueError: pip returned an error.

I’m giving up on correcting this. I was assigned a new fast.ai VM on paperspace and everything works fine now. Thank you for looking into this for me.

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Ok. Sorry, the error is weird to me too. Create a new vm is always a good easy option to not crash our head :smiley:

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I am facing the same problem in loading notebooks in ml course


Incomplete notebooks

I request you to please look into this issue. I have seen same as issue by people doing both dl and ml courses

You can try reverting the notebook with this command:

git checkout -- lesson1.ipynb

Replace lesson1.ipynb with the notebook you’re trying to open.

@ericlin Tried it but the problem still remains

Did you try to update jupyter notebook ? I faced it before and solved by update jupyter

I am doing the work using Google Colab. I facing this problem there. I think problem is with the download

@ chitreddysairam
What are the steps you tried to get it working on Colab?
I tested this approach:

and it seems to be working fine? My Colab link looks like this:

Or are you trying to do something different?

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Running into the exact same issue, the lesson 1 notebook only contains 5 cells. I have tried an anaconda upgrade, yet the issue still remains. Is the only solution to create a new machine? I think this requires paying for storage again so I would prefer not to do this.

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I am facing the same issue, tried to get a new VM from the FastAI template, and still same exact problem when running conda env update.

I think the problem is with the download. The size of the file in the github repo is shown as 165kB but when downloaded the file size is 121kB.
Is this normal??

I cancelled my original machine then had no issues on the new machine. Storage charges were reimbursed for the first machine so it evened out since I had used almost nothing.

I have to deactivate the machine I’m currently using on PaperSpace and order a new one, am I right with that assumption?

When deactivating it says:

Hourly Machine Users: You will be billed for this month’s usage on the first of the month.

So I have to pay the 5$ to deactivate and then order a new one which I’m going to pay for 5$ again? Or am I overlooking something?

I have been using the Colab runtime, following the instructions in https://docs.google.com/document/d/12kay3wJdc_4mKT8u5gG5TR62TmBmshbvwoq6ST8df4A/edit?usp=sharing and it works for me, thanks to the FastAI tutorials in Dublin, Ireland!