Lesson1 exercise -- how to create the dataset

I have done watching the lesson 1 and am trying to create my own dataset for practice. I have some issues doing this:

  1. How should I find large enough images(usually thousands of) in the first place? It’s seems not reasonable to download them one by one and also they can be of different resolution(does it matter?).
  2. Let’s say there is a large enough dataset containing images of different categories/classes ready to be used to train model. Do I have to name those image by their by categories so that I can use regular expression like in lesson 1?

Advanced thanks!

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If anyone has the same question after lesson 1, just go to lesson 2 and everything is well explained there including how to find images data set and how to download them.

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Hi there! Just recently I’ve gone through dataset creation path and shared my experience here: https://medium.com/@gaiar/identifying-berlin-birds-part-i-c6c985560a71

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I also wanted to create my own dataset. Seems like a daunting for me at the moment but I will definitely get back to this. Thanks @gaiar for the great article.