Lesson Path or Book Path

Hi Guys, I am not clear on what path I should be taken, my goal is to complete course. I was complete lesson 3 and moved on to lesson 4 but I realized that lesson 4 reference chapter 10 in the book. Should I stop watching the video now and go through the book until I get to Chapter 10.


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Hey @devonartis,

Personally I have found following the lesson plan helpful and productive, its very well thought out and each lesson builds upon each other in an accessible way. I like reading the book chapter in tandem with the lesson as further study for the topic, don’t stress that the chapters in the book aren’t linearly followed, that would be my personally biased recommendation.

However its also important to just do what is the most fun and will keep you engaged, fast.ai’s Lesson 0 notes that its important to finish the course, if reading the book up until that chapter is more exciting, do that, if just following the lesson plan is more exciting, do that.

The other great answer is to do both, learn as much as possible, it won’t hurt :grinning:. Honestly whichever keeps you engaged and learning is probably the right answer and only you can answer that, the structured lessons are my personal preference.


Thank you for your response, I think I am going to go through the lesson and then come back to the book chapters that does not have related video.



I am at the same crossroad now. Did you find this to be a good way to continue with the course? Wondering how it went.