Lesson 7 in-class chat ✅

Yeah, I was having the same issue. This was due to my environment being made months ago before pytorch v1 was released a few weeks ago. During this lecture, I updated my graphics drivers, installed the new pytorch v1 with cuda10 and made a new conda env, new repo, etc and everything is working fine now with 1.0.37.


What’s the best forum section to interact with peers from now on ? This one, or the general part 1 section (or another one) ?

can we collect all interesting blog posts (understandable, well written) by fastai students in a list please?

Can we have Jeremy talk about anything every week. I’ve kinda got used to this.


What a great way to spend our time. Thanks for the teaching! Love what we are going to be able to do with fast.ai!


Thank you fastai team! It really inspires me to do better time management, learn DL well, and be able to teach others as well. Let me see how far I get…


Here’s something to keep you happy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v16uzPYho4g. That was just yesterday. Got most of the way through- really liking it- haven’t heard him talk about a lot of this stuff that he’s covering here.


Many many many thanks to Jeremy, Rachel, Sylvain and all the others for this course. I and so many others have learned so much it’s incredible. This course is fantastic and very thoughtfully made. Thank you for all the effort and time you all put into it, I’m very grateful.


Thank you Jeremy, Rachel and Fastai team for this wonderful course.


Thanks Jeremy, Rachel and the team! Have you considered moving to Melbourne :):grin:

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If life is a Unet, they have no choice but to go back to Melbourne! But a better one this time!


Well done, Jeremy, Rachel, Sylvain and everyone in the forums. Very much indebted to all of you and deeply inspired to keep learning and building.


Thank you! It has been an amazing time taking these live lessons. The fastai team, the course, the forums, the work shared… so inspiring.


Fingers crossed! Or maybe crossed Unet? hmm…

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In the process of explaining my question more clearly, i think i was to able to understand more and answer myself. Please confirm if my understanding is correct

Lets say we chose n dimensions to represent each word we have in the corpus and assume one of dimensions is capturing sentiment. So for words expressing sentiment, this particular dimension will be more activated (e.g. ‘celebrating’- positive, so the sentiment dimension will be more activated). Similarly assuming a dimension for ‘fun’, this will be more activated as well for ‘celebrating’ word.
Next comes the weight matrix of hidden layer. Now this weight matrix will be tuned to further combine the activations of ‘celebrating’ word(one of them representing ‘sentiment’ dimension along with other things like ‘fun’) and make a complex feature(like probably ‘partying’). So having the same weight matrix for all words means we can extract one feature from every word for each RNN node.

But we can have many RNN nodes in the hidden layer, where each node learns one meaningful feature from the activations of word embeddings. So having same weight matrix helps to extract a specific feature is present in that each word

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I am getting this error in new camvid notebook.

TypeError: init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘bottle’

I think new changes are not merged to latest fastai library

The new changes don’t seem to be deployed to conda yet, but are available if you install the development version from source. I’m sure they’ll be out soon.

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anyone has issues importing the gan lib ?

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘fastai.vision.gan’

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thanks so much for that class !!!

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