Lesson 6 - [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/data'

In the Rossmann notebook, I get the above message when I try to run the tabular_learner after having created the data databunch. I can look into the data itself, so it has been created. I am using GCP - any suggestions?

Sounds like a classic linux file permission issue.

cd to your data and check the permissions and owner of the folder ls -l . You will want the owner to be the user which executes jupyter notebook (not root) and you want to be allowed to read those files.

drwxr-xr-x  7 dome dome  4096 13. Mär 10:11  Zotero

That’s an example line from ls -l and you are looking for the beginning part which describes read, write and execute permissions. doing sudo chmod 600 data/* should give read and write permission to the file owner.
The file ownership comes in the middle of the line (in my case dome dome) which is user group. You will want to set this to whatever your username is using sudo chown dome:dome data/* in my case.

Now after writing this I also realize: is your data actually at /data ? Like right in the root directory / ? or is it rather /home/name/data or so? No idea what default is in GCP.

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Thanks - it was the location issue. I had path set to my GCP drive and when I changed back to ‘/home/jupyter/.fastai/data/rossmann’, the command worked.