Lesson 5 discussion


I tried cats and dogs redux using vgg16bn by

  • changing vgg=Vgg16() to vgg=Vgg16BN(),

  • Importing using the updated utils.py and vgg16bn.py

I have a few questions:

  1. My accuracies are about the same at 0.9755 for vgg16 and vgg16BN, is there anything I might have missed?

  2. At this cell, Is it fine to have output 0.999725 for for the first picture?

  3. Based on the following confusion matrices, is there anything that I might have missed when I ran vgg16BN? The confusion matrix after I used vgg16BN shows 1000 cats-cats and 947 dogs-dogs:

While the confusion matrix after I used vgg16 (without BN) shows 979 cats-cats and 986 dogs-dogs:

(Phil) #65

Are there any good rules about using multiple embeddings? For example, using word2vec or GloVe as a general embedding but also adding a domain-specific embedding for something like medical terminology.


Hi, bobbylindsey. I have the same problem .Did you figure it out?


I got it . Thx!!! I thought vgg16() method create the file named vgg16.h5 , before. But I know I was wrong. ( I configure the running environment on my own computer ,not AWS. So, I didn’t have the model files before)


Is it pre-training model ?