Lesson 4 Segmentation: `'unet_config' is not defined`

Dear community

On the colab notebook 04_Segmentation.ipynb I get the NameError name 'unet_config' is not defined.

I do from fastai.vision.all import * and from fastai import * - both not successful.

How can I get to know where this function is defined?
How can I import it?
I already found this which is obviously not the function I need.

Looks like you might be pulling my notebooks from the muellerzr/Practical-Deep-Learning-For-Coders-2 repo. You should instead look at the notebooks on https://walkwithfastai.com, and this lesson is Lesson 4 - Image Segmentation | walkwithfastai

It has an updated version not using unet config

(To answer though, unet config doesn’t exist anymore, just pass in those params to unet_learner)

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